StickyBot Premium
Learn more about StickyBot Premium.

What comes with StickyBot Premium?

With StickyBot Premium you can have an unlimited number of stickies, no "Stickied Message:" header in stickies, create sticky embeds, create slower posting stickies, set a custom prefix, Premium role and support in the support server, and help keep StickyBot running smoothly!

How much is StickyBot Premium?

StickyBot premium is $3 USD a month or $30 USD a year (two months free with the yearly plan!). You can cancel anytime and if you are not satisfied you can request a refund.

How to get StickyBot Premium:

To get StickyBot premium simply head over to our premium page, select either the yearly or monthly plan, create an account, and when prompted enter the server ID of the server you want premium for. Learn how to get a server ID here.
After you purchase premium it will be instantly unlocked in the server you chose and the server owner will get a DM letting them know.
If you have any question feel free to reach out in our support server or at [email protected]

Managing your subscription:

Manage your subscription by heading over to the customer portal page.

Canceling your subscription:

You can cancel your subscription on the customer portal. If a subscription is canceled all premium features will be lost, the prefix will be reset to ?, and all sticky messages will be stopped. Don't worry, you will still have full access to all of StickyBots free features and can re-subscribe anytime.
If your card gets declined the charge will be attempted again after 1 day. If it fails a second time your plan will be automatically canceled.

Transferring StickyBot Premium to another server.

To transfer your StickyBot Premium Subscription please open a support ticket here or email us at [email protected]
Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription and re-subscribe with the new server ID.

StickyBot Premium for free?

If you are feeling lucky, we give StickyBot Premium promo codes away every couple weeks in the support server. Everyone is able to enter the giveaways for free here! If you own a large discord server (50k+ members) or an educational server (part of an educational institution such as a school or company) and would like StickyBot Premium open a support ticket here to get in contact with our staff team or email us at [email protected].