Fun Commands

How to use StickyBots fun commands. 😄
Rolls two 6 sided dice.
Users can click the button on a roll to roll again.
?weather <location>
?weather Seattle
Gets the weather on a location.
May return error if location is misspelled or not know by
?wiki <article>
?wiki Sleep
Returns a specified Wikipedia article.
May return error if Wikipedia article does not exist on
?wiki random
?wiki random
Returns a random Wikipedia article.
Some links will not work if the AI program is blocked from viewing it. Sending to many requests too quickly will make the bot return a error.
?image <image link>
AI will return keywords from the image.
?urban <lookup>
?urban Banana
Look something up on the Urban Dictionary.
Must be used in a NSFW marked channel.
?love <name1, name2>
?love Alice, John
Get the compatibility % on two names.
Can be a first names or first and last names. (Must be names, not discord tags).
Returns a random WikiHow article.
Flips a coin.
Coin will either land heads or tails.
StickyBot needs the "Embed Links" permission for these commands to work!